The Infested Cymbidium

After letting the pesticide work for a few days, this morning, armed with rubber gloves, a sterile cutting device, hydrogen peroxide and an old toothbrush, I jumped on the chance to exterminate the little beasts infesting the Cymbidium my husband brought home. Cleaning the leaves and roots is essential to the extermination of a pest […]


Pest Infestation – Part II

Since discovering the slight infestation of one of my orchids earlier this week, it seems that I have eradicated the problem. Thankfully, my loving husband, knowing that I enjoy a challenge, and that I love to nurture, last night brought home an extremely neglected Cymbidium for me to cure… This plant puts my slight infestation […]


AOSP Exhibition

Associação Orquidófila de São Paulo 13-15 March 2009 Rua São Joaquim, 381 Bairro Liberdade São Paulo/SP Brasil


Pest Infestation – Revisited

This is a simple post regarding home remedies and sterilants. Isopropyl alcohol is readily available as rubbing alcohol in cosmetic and health areas at markets and pharmacies. It is normally sold as a 70% solution (90% is also available) and this may be diluted considerably for use against insects. One recipe for a 1.5 liter […]

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