Restrepia striata

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Restrepia striata

Restrepia striata

Restrepia striata

Common Growth Conditions & Species Information

  • Light: Dappled or Partial Shade
  • Temperature: 50-62˚F / 10-17˚C {night average}
  • Bloom Season: Winter / Spring
  • Flower Size: 2.25″ / 6cm
  • Fragrant: No

The Restrepia striata, and all estripias are found in Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia in wet mountain forests as a miniature sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte.

However, according to the forums I’ve read recently, and from my own personal experience, there seem to be mixed views on the exact conditions that it takes for Resptrepias to grow and bloom.

I bought my plant four months ago, with one single flowered inflorescence. It has bloomed every month since with an increasing number of inflorescences in succession. I have my plant located about 10cm from a southwestern facing window, so it gets a lot of strong evening light, and every morning he enjoys a misting of pure water, and a each week I flush the entire pot with water to remove dust and chemicals that may have accumulated.

As for the stipulation that Restrepias are cool growing, here in São Paulo our daily temperatures reach an average of 77˚F/25˚C, and that’s being generous, this last week the average has been closer to 95˚F/35˚C. As of now my Restrepia has six inflorescences, one fading, one in full glory and the other four are just waiting their turn.

It is quite a rewarding little plant to grow, and watch bloom. 😀

Restrepia striata



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