Bulbophyllum ambrosia

Another orchid that I absolutely love. Common Growth Conditions & Species Information Light: Dappled Shade to Partial Sun Temperature: 65-85˚F / 18-30˚C {night average} Bloom Season: Winter Flower Size: 1 1/4″ / 2.8cm Fragrant: Yes The Bulbophyllum ambrosia is a small sized lithophyte and is native to Southern China and Vietnam. It grows on tree […]


Tips & Tricks #3

Don’t worry if your Dendrobiums lose their leaves. Dendrobium orchids will sometimes lose their leaves during cooler winter months, especially if they are in cool greenhouses. The leafless canes will sometimes produce inflorescences and even if they do not they continue to provide energy to the rest of the plant. As long as they are […]


Lankesterella ceracifolia

I was reading a Brazilian orchid magazine the other day.  It was full of local species.  Here is one in particular that I am dying to get my hands on! Common Growth Conditions & Species Information Light: Full Shade Temperature: 58-75˚F / 15-24˚C {night average} Bloom Season: Spring  / Winter Flower Size: 0.6″ / 1.5cm […]


Pleurothallis grobyi

On one of my recent trips to the south of Brazil {Santa Caterina} my husband and I stopped at a roadside orquidário.  The orquidário has no name, and is only recognizable by the giant hand-painted billboard on the road {there are many orquidários like this all over Brazil}. This one in particular was really charming.  […]

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