Additions to the Orchid Collection

Today, as I posted earlier, my husband and I went to the 82ª Exposição de Orquídeas held by the AOSP {Associação Orquidófilia de São Paulo} here in São Paulo. We picked out five lovely plants to add to our ever growing orchid collection. Check them out! 😀 Baptistonia colorata Ornithophora radicans unknown {for now} Dendrobium […]


Today!!! 82ª Exposição de Orquídeas – AOSP

Today I went to the 82 Annual Orchid Exhibition here in São Paulo. There were so many fantastic specimens blooming everywhere! Here are just a few photos of some of my favorite plants there.


New Cricket Species Filmed Pollinating Orchids

A new species of cricket has been caught on camera – and its bizarre behavior has surprised scientists. Far from living up to the cricket’s plant-destroying reputation, this species lends a helping hand to flora by acting as a pollinator. Scientists say this is the first time a cricket has been spotted pollinating a flower […]


Worlds Smallest Orchid

The smallest species of orchid in the world has been discovered hidden among the roots of a larger plant in a nature reserve in Ecuador. Dr. Lou Jost, an American botanist, found the tiny orchid by accident when he was inspecting a plant collected from the Cerro Candelaria Reserve in the eastern Andes, which was […]



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