Dendrobium findlayanum

I returned from an extended holiday last week to find my Dendrobium findlayanum had bloomed without me. One flower had already dropped, and the other was on its way out. The flower was so delicately shriveled, and lovely with the light coming through the petals in a way that made the inner structures visible, so […]


Maxillaria vernicosa

I bought this plant without bloom sometime last year on a trip to Florianópolis, in Santa Caterina, Brazil. I was so attracted to the little spiky afro of the plant, that I just had to bring it home. Luckily it finally bloomed, and come to find out its a Maxillaria vernicosa. Common Growth Conditions & […]


Ludisia discolor

New BLOOMS!! We have five inflorescences on our Ludisia discolor, each with 15-20 flowers. How exciting! 😀 Common Growth Conditions & Species Information Light: Full Shade Temperature: 65-85ËšF / 18-30ËšC {night average} Bloom Season: Late Winter / Spring / Summer Flower Size: 3/4″ / 1.7cm Fragrant: Yes This species ranges from India to Indonesia and […]



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