Ornithophora radicans

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I just saw an Ornithophora radicans at an orchid show here in São Paulo last month, and it was a monstrous plant!! Mine is so tiny and cute, but this thing was a bush! I can see that if given time, and proper cultivation this species is quite rewarding.

Common Growth Conditions & Species Information

  • Light: Dappled or Partial Shade
  • Temperature: 68-85˚F / 20-29˚C {night average}
  • Bloom Season: Summer / Fall
  • Flower Size: 1/4″ / 1 cm
  • Fragrant: Yes

Ornithophora radicans is found in southeastern and southern Brazil near the coast at elevations around 400 meters. It is a miniature sized, warm to hot growing epiphyte with thin, narrow, oblong-ligulate, compressed, ancipitous pseudobulbs subtended basally by several, distichous, leaf-bearing sheaths and carrying two apical, grasslike, cuneate, linear-ligulate, acute, membraneous leaves {a lot of science right?}. Tiny fragrant flowers bloom in summer and fall on an arching, slender, 7″ {18 cm} long, several flowered inflorescence.

Best grown on a slab of tree fern in warm to cool temperatures, moderate shade and kept moist year round except for a short dry rest after the pseudobulb has matured.



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