Stelis aprica

On the drive back to São Paulo from our trip to Florianópolis a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I stopped at a small roadside orquidário. I picked up a lovely little unlabeled plant not knowing what kind of flower to expect. Now that is has bloomed I have identified it as Stelis aprica. […]


Repotting a Blc. Orchid

I must admit, I love my orchids, and I love to repot them. Repotting is an important time for an orchid. It’s a time to remove all the old, dark, roots, and replace the growing medium with some that is fresh, giving space for new grow to spring up. It’s important to use the right […]


Tips & Tricks #3

Don’t worry if your Dendrobiums lose their leaves. Dendrobium orchids will sometimes lose their leaves during cooler winter months, especially if they are in cool greenhouses. The leafless canes will sometimes produce inflorescences and even if they do not they continue to provide energy to the rest of the plant. As long as they are […]


Removing a Damaged Orchid Leaf

Ever wonder how to remove that unattractive damaged leaf attached to your orchid? Here is a really helpful (yet somewhat bland) instructional video from the American Orchid Society that will help you to learn all you need to know about expertly removing damaged leaves. Enjoy! You will notice the instructor applies a anti-fungicidal paste to […]

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