Stelis aprica

On the drive back to São Paulo from our trip to Florianópolis a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I stopped at a small roadside orquidário. I picked up a lovely little unlabeled plant not knowing what kind of flower to expect. Now that is has bloomed I have identified it as Stelis aprica. […]


Encyclia polybulbon

A few months ago I was visiting friends in Florianópolis, a beautiful island in the south of Brazil, and I happened upon an orquidário in the south part of the island. Orquidário Açores {named for the region in which it is located} is run by a wonderful old man, Senhor Antônio. The nursery is located […]


Orquidário Oriental

Yesterday my husband felt like spoiling me a little bit, and took me to one of my favorite orquidários, Orquidário Oriental. Located near Santa Isabel, in the heart of the Brazilian country side, this orquidário is something quite special, and different. They have a larger facility where they often host events, lectures and festivals, and […]


Pleurothallis grobyi

On one of my recent trips to the south of Brazil {Santa Caterina} my husband and I stopped at a roadside orquidário.  The orquidário has no name, and is only recognizable by the giant hand-painted billboard on the road {there are many orquidários like this all over Brazil}. This one in particular was really charming.  […]

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