Repotting: The Basic Steps

Assemble all your supplies:

  • Sterile cutting tool(s)
  • Plant(s) to be repotted
  • New pot (select the next size up, and make sure not to over pot)
  • New media

Sterilize your cutting tool. An open flame passed along the blade for a few seconds is ideal. Sterilize the tool between each plant you cut. Use latex gloves and change them with some degree of frequency, especially after handling a plant with an insect infestation or other problem.

Gently ease the plant out of its old pot. Don’t be afraid to destroy the old pot if it will help keep the roots of the plant intact.

Gently remove as much of the old media as will come off the roots.

Remove any roots that are overly dried or soggy and brown.

Put drainage material and a little media in the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant in the pot. The rhizome or crown should be slightly below the rim of the pot.

Sprinkle new media into the pot, allowing it to work down among the roots of the plant. Push it in gently, but do not force the media in and do not compact the media. You want an airy mix that allows good circulation. Do not bury the plant’s rhizome or crown.

If necessary, stake the plant to steady it.

Water lightly until the plant adjusts to its new pot.

Additionally, I found this video by the American Orchid Society which offers really good instruction for repotting. Enjoy 😀


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