Restrepia elegans

Restrepia elegans

Restrepia lansbergii

Restrepia lansbergii

Restrepia brachypus

Restrepia brachypus

Pronunciation: re-STREP-ee-ah

Scientific Classification

  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily: Epidendroideae
  • Tribe: Epidendreae
  • Subtribe: Pleurothallidinae
  • Genus: Restrepia, Kunth 1816

General Characteristics

  • epiphytic
  • lack pseudobulbs
  • thick, leathery, elliptic-ovate leaves

Restrepia, abbreviated Rstp in horticultural trade, is a small genus of 49 orchids.

They are found primarily at higher altitudes in the cool, damp montane forests of the Andes and Venezuela, with some into Central America up to southern Mexico.

These tiny epiphytic and rarely lithophytic orchids lack pseudobulbs. The erect, thick, leathery leaf is elliptic-ovate in shape. The aerial roots seem like fine hairs.

The flowers develop one at a time at the base of the leaf. Under the right conditions, they can be in flower all year long.


  • Temperature: Warm growing
  • Light: Shade
  • Water & Humidity: High humidity; do not allow plants to dry out for long periods.
  • Fertilizer: Balanced fertilizer, applied monthly.
  • Potting: Grow in small pots in any good epiphytic mix; provide good drainage.


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